For 13 Years, This Brashear Grad Never Missed A Single Day Of School

Mya Marzan hopes to continue her streak in college

Lynne Hayes-Freeland
June 10, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Mya Marzan


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Graduating from High School is a major milestone for teenagers and for Mya Marzan who graduated from Brashear this past Saturday she did it in an impressive way.

For 13 straight years, Marzan attended school. Every. Single. Day.

From kindergarten through senior year she never missed a full day.

Marzan tells KDKA Radio’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland it was a conscience decision.

“When I was in kindergarten at Brookline Elementary I saw a girl who got a trophy for getting high honor roll, perfect attendance and a citizenship award and in kindergarten I was like ‘well I want to get the trophy’,” said Marzan.

As she got older she started to attend the gifted center one day a week and realized how important it was to attend school.

“Missing just one day a week just sets you back so far and then was when I realized that I really do need to be in school every single day,” said Marzan.

There were some days where she was not feeling well but she says she would get through as many classes as possible.

“If I started to feel worse I would go to the nurse and go home but at least go through two periods,” said Marzan. “If I wasn’t feeling it in the morning I would just go in a little late, I never really wanted to miss a day of school.”

Marzan’s friends encouraged her but also “did think that I was a little crazy.”

It’s now off to Edinboro University for Marzan in the fall where she will try to continue her streak of never missing a class.

“I’ll know in my head every class I miss, I’m losing out on so much money that I’m paying to go to school now.”

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