Saturday: 8th Annual Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma 5k Run/Walk

How To Sign Up

Larry Richert and John Shumway
July 02, 2018 - 9:59 am
5K Race


This Saturday, July 7, marks the 8th Annual Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma 5K Run/Walk 2018 at the North Park Boathouse.

Cathy Dolhi, Secretary for Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma, joined KDKA Radio on Monday to talk about the event and why she participates in it.

She first explains how a person develops sarcoma cancer. She said,

“Sarcoma is a type of cancer that comes from a variety of tissue structures; It starts in the connective tissue and because those tissues are everywhere in your body, sarcoma can arise anywhere.”

She said it is rare for adults to be diagnosed with sarcoma.

“It only occurs in 1% of all adult cancers, and 20% of all childhood cancers,” Dolhi told KDKA.

She then talks about how she became involved in the annual event.

“Nine years ago my sister-in-law and very dear friend was diagnosed with sarcoma. Unfortunately, Barb lost her battle to sarcoma about seven years ago and one of the last things she said to her oncologist was, ‘I am counting on you to find a cure for this .‘” Dolhi continued,

“I try and do my little part to do whatever we can to raise the necessary money so that we can get some additional research to figure out how to treat this disease.”

Cathy also told listeners what kind of prizes will be available to win.

“We have hundreds of raffle items, baskets, autographed sports memorabilia, a three day fishing trip in Canada, etc.”

Register online at Online registration ends July 3rd. There is also on-site registration at the event.

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