After Year Hiatus, Columbus Day Parade Is Back

The annual event returns to Bloomfield Saturday

The Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - It’s back! The Columbus Day Parade will march through Bloomfield’s Little Italy once again.

Last year’s parade was canceled after the death of longtime organizer Hank Blum.

On KDKA Radio, new organizer Tony Ferraro told Larry and John the parade begins Saturday morning.

“We step off at about 11 o’clock but of course Italians will probably show up about 9 o’clock looking for something to eat,” said Ferraro.

The parade will march down Liberty Avenue from Aspen Street to Ella Street

“But you can’t tell Pittsburghers that, you say it starts are Rohrich Honda stops down at the grocery store,” said Ferraro

Ferraro says the parade began as a celebration of Italian-American heritage, but all are welcome. ​

A flyer circulating around Bloomfield is claiming the Columbus Day Parade has been canceled because the holiday is offensive to indigenous people.

Parade organizers say the parade is going on as planned.

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