Are Pitbull’s Too Dangerous?

The Mike Pintek Show
June 01, 2018 - 3:41 pm

Pitbull’s get a bad rap and many people believe they are extremely dangerous and to blame for a majority of attacks on people of all ages.  But are Pitbull’s as dangerous as they are made out to be?

Today on The Mike Pintek Show, Mike said, “I have been a great supporter of the Pitbull breed, some of these dogs are just bred badly and have been mistreated and are dangerous while others make very good pets, I am told.”

“I do NOT support banning the bred, however if I had children I would not own a Pitbull.”

Gretchen Fieser, formally with the Humane Society, now the owner of Lucky Paws, a pet resort and full service hotel offering daycare, grooming, training, and a Dog Park joined Mike to talk about the Pitbull breed as well as a local teen from Lincoln-Lemington who was attacked by a Pitbull. 

Fierser said, “As far as dogs go, any dog in a home can be dangerous to a young child, any breed of dog.  I would not recommend any breed to come be in a home with a child unsupervised.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is a Poodle, a Golden Retriever, a Labrador, a Pitbull, or a Bulldog, it does not matter because dogs are dogs and they are prey driven animals.”

Fieser also talked about how dog breeders and trainers cringe when they see owners hugging their dogs.

“Dogs in general do not like being hugged; they don’t like having somebody right in their face.  I am sure there is someone listening who will say I hug my dog all the time but in general dogs do not enjoy being hugged.”

“So the big thing I want people to take away from this is Pitbull’s elicit strong emotion.  I have been an advocate for the breed for many years, I love the breed, and I own the breed. But I am the first person to say that this breed of dog is not for everyone.”

Fieser also said, “I advocate responsible dog ownership, I cannot stress that enough.  And that includes making sure that medically the dog is being taken care of, getting the proper exercise and mental stimulation, and being cared for properly to be around children, and if the dog is not considered safe it is important to keep the dog out situations with children, other dogs, and other people.”

Mike asked Fieser if Pitbull’s should be banned and she responded, “Absolutely not because you are pinning a very small percentage of tragic occurrences on a huge number of dogs and that is the equivalent of anything because something bad happened in a very small percentage.”

Fieser suggests learning more about a breed before suggesting a ban.

What do you think, should Pitbull’s be banned?

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