Celebrate Our Nation's Independence With These Fascinating Facts

Is America's birthday on another day!?

Robert Mangino
July 04, 2018 - 12:20 pm
Declaration of Independence



PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Every Fourth of July we celebrate our independence as a nation by enjoying time with friend and family, having a cookout and watching fireworks.

Our favorite fact-finder, Dr. Knowledge has some interesting facts about Independence Day you can impresses your friends and family with at the festivities you attend today.

  • The Founding Fathers Were Surprisingly Young

John Adams, who was the chairman of the committee to write a Declaration of Independence in Congress, picked Thomas Jefferson to write the document because in the eyes of Adams and many others, Jefferson was one of the smartest people in the colonies.

Dr. Knowledge says Thomas Jefferson was only 33 when he wrote the famous document. This means Jefferson would’ve been too young at the time to be President. When the Constitution was written a few years later, the minimum age for president was set at 35.

“Meantime the father of the Constitution, who was very much involved, he was in Congress, James Madison was only 25 in 1776.”

Patrick Henry who gave the speech “Give me liberty or give me death” was 40. John Hancock, known for his large signature on the Declaration was 39.

“Aaron Burr was only 20. Alexander Hamilton who was a very close friend of George Washington and a big advisor to Washington, he was only 21 years old in 1776,” says Dr. Knowledge.

The youngest delegate of the Continental Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence was 26-year-old Daniel Rutledge of South Carolina.

Part of the reason we perceive them as older is because they wore white powder wigs adding, “They did not wear long pants like men do today. They wore silk stalking’s in many cases. This is the upper class Eastern people who lived in America at that time. That’s what they wore.”

  • Independence Day Not On The Fourth?

Dr. Knowledge says that some historians believe Independence Day should be celebrated on July 2, “because that was the day that Congress approved the resolution of Independence. That officially made us Independent. They approved the final draft on July 4.”

He adds that most of the Congressman didn’t sign the document until August 2, so other historians claim that is the real holiday.

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