Is Being A Police Officer Still Worth It?

FOP President: "some departments buy their own guns, vests"

Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell
June 13, 2018 - 2:53 pm
Pittsburgh Police

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


How much does a Police Patrol Officer in Pittsburgh make? The median annual Police Patrol Officer salary in Pittsburgh, PA is $52,410, as of May 30, 2018, with a range usually between $48,929-$57,110 not including bonus and benefit information and other factors that impact base pay. However, the salary for someone with the title Police Patrol Officer may vary depending on a number of factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of education. 

KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin talks live to FOP President Henry Weihagen about police officer salaries and the dangers of being a Police Officer. " I support County Executive Rich Fitzerald's plan to get County Police in the areas that can no longer afford their police, and then in turn he would absorb the police officers that are there." says Weihagen. 

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