'Bruno Sammartino' Debuts In New York

The story of Pittsburgh's own wrestling legend comes to the big screen

(PITTSBURGH) Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Larry Richert was in New York City on Tuesday night for a screening of the documentary he helped produce, “Bruno Sammartino.”

The movie was shown at the Cinema Village in Manhattan.

“It was really amazing to see on the big screen in New York because New York was Bruno's town too,” Larry said during Wednesday’s morning show.  

Selling out Madison Square Garden in Manhattan 188 times throughout his career, Bruno was just as popular there as he was in Pittsburgh.

“Everybody knew Bruno in Pittsburgh as this giant figure larger than life, but nobody really knew the backstory of how they survived the Nazi SS and occupation of the village in Italy, and how sickly he was,” Larry explains.

The film recognizes the wrestler's struggles/accomplishments and what he had to go through in order to survive.

“He was real, he did it without drugs, he did it clean and natural and still sets an example for young people about overcoming obstacles and being the best you can be by working hard,” Larry adds.

Larry and Bruno’s son Darryl Sammartino sat down for a full length interview with Inside Edition which is expected to air around the time of the Pittsburgh release.

Larry and the rest of the crew now head toward to Los Angeles for a screening in Santa Monica.

Larry hopes to even have a sit down with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Larry expects the Pittsburgh release to be in February or early March. ​   

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