Calls For Allegheny County Democratic Committee Leader To Stop Down Getting Louder

Lynne Hayes-Freeland
February 21, 2020 - 2:49 pm
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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - The call is getting louder for the head of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee to step down.

The latest call comes from the Allegheny Fayette Labor Council president Darren Kelley who says the chairwoman's actions this week left us more divided. It's time to step aside.

Eileen Kelly, aunt to the labor leader, drew ire this week when she defended the committee's endorsement of a candidate who previously supported President Trump and blamed county executive Rich Fitzgerald for discord.

Others calling for Kelly to step down, Congressman Mike Doyle, committee vice chair, state rep Austin Davis, and state Senator Wayne Fontana,

“I think she should definitely step aside without a doubt, there’s no question,” said Fontana.

Kelly has not returned calls for comment

The full statement from Labor Council President Darrin Kelly reads:

"The members of the Labor Council believe that it was completely inappropriate for the Democratic Chairwoman to call out County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Councilwoman Bethan Hallam earlier this week.

"We all need to wake the hell up and remember all the people who are counting on us to win in Novemeber. There's no one else on their side. There's no one else fighting for their jobs and their pensions and their right to organize. There's no on else fighting to protect their paychecks and their health care. There's no one else. It's us. We need to come together and win, or our people will lose. It's that simple. Democrats in Allegheny County need a leader who understands that.

"The Democratic Party must be unified in the most important election year in the history of the region. The Chairwoman's actions this week left us more divided. It's time to step aside."

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