Andrew Limberg

Clark Bar Production Returned To Pennsylvania By Mallo Cup Maker

September 07, 2018 - 8:33 am


ALTOONA, PA (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — The Clark Bar returns to Pennsylvania! The maker of the Mallo Cup is bringing the iconic Pittsburgh candy home.

Altoona-based Boyer Candy will start manufacturing the crunchy, peanut butter bars in the coming months.

Andrew Gause, Boyer's Sales and Marketing Director, said the news has been exciting both in the company and in the community.

"We're extremely excited to bring the Clark Bar back to Western PA. The atmosphere here has been great. Everyone is extremely excited and the feedback that we've received from the community has been outstanding." 

The Clark Bar was invented by David L. Clark 101 years ago. They’ve been manufactured in Massachusetts since 1999 by the New England Confectionery Co., a company also known for producing NECCO Wafers and conversation hearts. NECCO bought the recipe and production equipment were bought at bankruptcy. NECCO was sold at bankruptcy court to an investment company earlier this year, putting the future of the Clark bar into question. An unidentified buyer purchased the assets from the investment company, which is where Boyer ultimately bought the rights, recipes and equipment for the Clark Bar. 

Gause said the similar roots of the Mallo Cup and Clark Bar made the Clark Bar a good fit at Boyer.

"The Mallo Cup has been around since 1936, so it was the first cup candy, and the Clark Bar is the first combination bar, started in 1917. With the candy being around in Western Pennsylvania for over 100 years, it fits perfectly with our brand."

The company hopes to have Boyer-produced Clark Bars on shelves by the end of this year. They will be 100 percent produced in Altoona. 

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