Dr. Frank Viggiano Makes It Easier To Pick Up Leaves

"It moves 600 cubic feet of debris per minute and the speed goes up to 110 miles per hour"

Larry Richert and John Shumway
September 18, 2018 - 10:34 am
Man Using Leaf Blower


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020) - As fall approaches, gadget guru Dr. Frank Viggiano joined KDKA Radio on Tuesday to talk about a few products that will come in handy when the leaves start to fall.

He also had an opportunity to discuss some products that will help boost cell phone reception and block out noise that a person does not want to hear.

These are the products:

Surecall Fusion 4 Home Cell Phone Booster

“You've got an antenna that you place outside of the house. That antenna will bring the signal in from the carrier, and when it brings it in, it will go to an amplifier. That amplifier then sends the signal to another antenna, which is inside the house,” Dr. Frank said.

“It would be like going outside and making a phone call. There are no dropped calls, it increases the signal strength by 20 times, and it works for every carrier.”

Mixcder E7 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

“Wireless and lightweight, that's the most important thing,” Dr. Frank tells KDKA Radio.

“The best part about it is noise cancelling. Whenever you’re on an airplane, or an area where there is an abundance of ambient noise, it will cancel that noise out so you can enjoy the music.”

Worx Turbine 600 Blower

“It’s the best value out there. If you’re looking for a blower and you’re okay with plugging it in, you won’t find anything better,” Dr. Frank added.

“It moves 600 cubic feet of debris per minute and the speed goes up to 110 miles per hour.”

EZ Leaf Hauler

"It’s a big dust pan, and you rake the leaves or blow them in there. Then you take it and empty the leaves in a trash can or whatever receptacle you want. The beauty is managing an abundance of leaves, which can be a real problem," said Dr. Frank. 

"There are two individual stakes that you put down in the ground on either end where you would rake in to, and it stays put. When you want to pick them up, you fold the corners in and it’s like a funnel."

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