Ellis Cannon: What’s Next?

How Do We Respond to the Trump, Putin Helsinki Summit?

The Mike Pintek Show
July 17, 2018 - 2:47 pm

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After yesterday’s meeting in Helsinki between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin many people are in shock.

President Trump stood on that stage with Putin, defended him while bashing his own country and his own intelligence agencies.

Now twenty-four hours later, Ellis Cannon is asking what’s next, what do we do now?

One listener said, “What happened yesterday had very little to do with President Putin and Russia, it had to do with Trump expressing his mistrust of the Intelligence agency.  He expressed it to the entire world and it would be really interesting to understand how deep his mistrust goes.”

“However, going forward Trump should make it very clear that he trusts our Intelligence agencies’ and wants to work with them because we need to be reassured.”

Another listener said, “Mr. Trump got played in front of the whole world yesterday because President Putin said he preferred him and later added that this will not be resolved by law enforcement, it will have to play out in the courts.  If you listen to what he is saying, he is meddling in our internal affairs and telling us how things will play out.”

This listener added, “Going forward, I think they need to take his phone away, increase the role of Vice President Pence and make it clear that Trump is the President of the United States and he needs to act in the countries best interest, not his ego.”

Another caller said, “Trump puts everything about himself first and the country last.  I don’t think he should even have access to an intelligence agency.”

What do you think needs to happen going forward?  Do you think things need to change or do you believe President Trump is doing everything right?