Family And Neighbors Create Christmas Early For Boy With Terminal Brain Cancer

2-Year-Old Boy Dying of Brain Cancer Gets To Celebrate Christmas Early

September 17, 2018 - 1:21 pm

By Meredith Ganzman

Christmas came early for one very sick little boy. Two-year-old Brody Allen has terminal brain cancer. Doctors say he may not make to celebrate the holidays.

Since Christmas is his favorite -- his family and Ohio neighbors are coming together to spread some seasonal cheer, with whatever time Brody has left.

They hung wreaths and decorated their homes with Christmas lights.

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"When he walked outside to see the Christmas lights, as a big surprise, and he just let out this, 'Oh wow!'” Brody’s sister McKenzie says.

As sick as he is, he doesn’t let his illness get him down.

"He’s so happy, and he’s so carefree and compassionate. I didn’t know that a two-year-old could be so determined. But oh my goodness he is the most determined person I have ever seen."

And even if Brody doesn’t get to see Christmas, McKenzie says her family is grateful he got a sense of the magic of the holiday now.

"It’s actually turning a terrible time into what is going to be an amazing and beautiful memory."

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