Man Carves Wedding Proposal Into Corn Maze

July 31, 2018 - 12:37 pm

By Kayla Jardine

This is one of the most a-maze-ing proposals we’ve ever seen! 

Travis Drexler wanted to surprise his girlfriend Allie Randall with the proposal of a lifetime, and what better way than with the help of his family’s Springside farm in upstate New York. 

Every year, the Drexler’s create a one of a kind maze, and this time around Travis wasn’t going to let the corn go to waste. The ingenious 30-year-old wrote ‘Allie will you marry me?’ into the crop.

When he showed her a picture of the maze using drone footage, the 27-year-old was left speechless but soon said yes to his incredible proposal. 

"I read it - and then I read it again and again to make sure I got it right,'' Randall told "Then Travis got down on one knee, gave me a ring and I said 'yes.'"

"I said 'yes' to my best friend."