PA Flag Maker Can't Ship Memorial Day Flags To Cemeteries

Nick Horwat
May 12, 2020 - 7:14 pm
cemetery flags

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) This year Memorial Day in America falls on May 25, and with Gov. Tom Wolf’s restriction’s still in effect for many counties, cemeteries that are the final resting place for many fallen soldiers will not have a flag to honor their bravery.

Dan Ziegler, president of FlagZone, joined Wendy Bell on her show on Newsradio 1020 KDKA to discuss how his company has been shut down and does not seem to be opening any time soon.

FlagZone is based in Montgomery County, PA and is the last American flag producer in the state of Pennsylvania.

They produce 5-7million stick flags every year for their customers, which include contracted counties not just in Pennsylvania but around the country, to place them on the graves of fallen military personnel.

“The best way I can describe it,” Ziegler said. “Is that our stick flags have been held hostage by our governor.”

After being closed, the company filed a waiver to maintain production and remain open had three reasons.

One reason is the government contracts they have with counties for flags to be placed on graves across the country.

Their second reason is that they supply what is deemed a life sustaining retailer.

And the final reason for the company to remain open is that when the shutdown started, FlagZone was in the process of making face masks.

FlagZone’s waiver was denied by the Pennsylvania government.

“Not allowed to open for business,” Ziegler said. “Not allowed to ship.”

Zeigler said that they as a company have reached out to their local government and veterans groups, in hopes of support.

Zeigler said he has hope that the flags would end up on graves at some point, his target has passed Memorial Day and is now leaning towards the Fourth of July.

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