Former Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Will Not Run In 2020 Race

Larry Richert and John Shumway
January 09, 2019 - 10:58 am
Jeb Bush

The Greenville News-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush will be the featured guest at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on January 30th.

The 43rd Governor of Florida joined the KDKA Radio Morning News on Wednesday to discuss the 2020 presidential election , the current state of the government and more. 

These are some of the questions that he was asked:

Are you going to make another run for the presidency?

"No, I'm not. I did it with passion and conviction about the needs to fix some things that are really broken in our country. The voters in the Republican Primary had a different view on it and I accept the results," Bush said. 

"In order to reorganize my life back towards something like that, it would create real strains in my family. You get to do that once."

What are you doing these days to occupy your time?

"I have an education reform foundation that works in 40 states called the Foundation for Excellence and Education. We just had our annual meeting in December, and we had 1200 people there. These are policy makers all across the country that believe we need to change how we structure education, so we have more innovation and rising student achievement," Bush tells KDKA Radio. 

"I'm involved in all sorts of activities in my home town of Miami and I have a growing business with six partners, including my son. I do some speaking across the country, and in Pittsburgh I'll talk about the changes that are taking place in our country."

Have you seen the movie Vice?

"No I haven't seen it. I'm pleased that the markets work and in this case, a lot of people are kind of bored by all of that. From what I can tell, by the snippets that are on TV, they portray my brother as some kind of dope," Bush explains. 

"Here's a two-time elected presidential candidate, served incredibly with great distinction as governor of Texas for six years, went to Yale and Harvard Business School, had higher grade point averages than the opponents he ran against, and these elites that look down their nose at my brother always end up looking stupid."

The President has made the fake news media a real target, even recently saying they are the real opposition party and truly an enemy of the people. We need to bring honesty back to journalism and reporting. Do you view the media that way?

"No I don't, but I do think the media has responsibility to kind of go back to the old school ways. Have you ever seen an article where someone is actually quoted these days? It's always an unnamed source," Bush added. 

"I think there is a line between opinion and news. It's on both sides and it's inappropriate. People get there own set of facts and it's hard to argue between two different views when you don't even have the same set of facts. That's wrong." 


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