Game Commission: Feeding Wildlife Does More Harm Than Good

Feeding wild animals in your backyard can spread disease and more

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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - With the public comment period complete, the state Game Commission is considering banning feeding deer.

A committee recommended expanding the ban earlier this year, which already prohibits feeding elk and bears.

On KDKA Radio Wednesday, commission spokesperson Travis Lau told Larry and John,

“Healthy wildlife functions off of a good bit of fear of people it’s an instinct that we begin to break down when we start to do things like when we offer them food and when you have habituated wildlife, it can cause all sorts of problems,” said Lau.

He says those problems include disease, such as chronic wasting disease found in deer.

Another problem occurs when the artificial feeding stops.

“If I’m feeding a bear because I want to see that bear come into my yard and then I go away for the weekend what’s that bear do when it’s food is suddenly gone?,” asked Lau.

So if you are feeding wildlife, Lau says you are doing more harm than good.


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