George Justice Allen

Man Who Exposed Arnold Mayor's Comments On Antwon Rose Protesters Was Shocked To Find She Was A Mayor

George Justice Allen says he is 'exposing racists on every level'

July 11, 2018 - 12:08 pm

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - George Justice Allen, who uses his Facebook page to “expose racism on every level”, says he outed Arnold Mayor Karen Peconi for her online remarks.

Peconi said in a Facebook post that Antwon Rose protesters should be sprayed with water cannons.

Hundreds of protestors petitioned Peconi to resign at city council meeting Tuesday, but she refused and apologized for the controversial social media comment that critics call racist.

Allen tells KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin he was shocked to learn Peconi was a mayor.

“Someone [sent> me the information and they [said> ‘hey I think you might want to look into this, it looks like that she’s a mayor’ and I [said> no way, there is no way that a mayor is making these kind of statements online,” said Allen.

Allen spoke to her during Tuesday’s meeting.

Allen says he started his campaign after reading some of the hateful comments on social media surrounding the Rose shooting.

He decided to screenshot one of the hateful comments and sent it to commenter’s employer. He says in a matter of hours the man was fired from his job.

Allen is also the person responsible for exposing a racist comment from an Allegheny Health Network employee earlier this month.

“I’m not responsible for firing anyone, that is the company’s decision. What I’m merely doing is presenting their ideas to their employer and that’s it . . . You will never see me address any company and say “so are you going to fire this person for these thoughts?”

Allen adds he asks if the comments match the company’s “core ideals and beliefs.”

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