Google Creates New Search Tools To Help Veteran’s Find Jobs

Google created a three part series of tools to help Vet’s find post-service jobs

Robert Mangino
August 28, 2018 - 6:33 pm
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PITTSBURGH – (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – In a press release from Subject Matter, “Many veterans and military spouses face significant challenges transitioning to civilian careers.  For instance, one in three Veterans says they experience under-employment and taking jobs below their skill levelMilitary spouses face 20% unemployment rate and approximately 35% under-employment rate on average, often having to quit jobs because of a move and face long periods of unemployment and career stagnation after a move.”

But Google is now announcing its creation of a three-part series of tools to help Veteran’s find jobs that match their skills post-service. 

Peter Schottenfels, a Google technology expert tells The KDKA Radio Afternoon News, “Yesterday we announced schools and resources to help veteran’s transition to civilian life.”

“The first thing we are really excited about is that we are created a way for veteran’s and transitioning service members to use their military occupancy specialty code, the code you are assigned while in the military that correlates to the job you have while serving, to be able to be used when you go to Google jobs.”

All you have to do is plug that code in and Google will find relevant civilian jobs in your area that you can apply for.   

Schottenfels adds, “We have heard that there are around 250-thousand military personnel transitioning out of the armed services each year and one and three report to be unemployed or under employed, so at Google when we see a problem we try to find a way to use technology to solve it.”

“And we think might be happening is that people aren’t being matched with the correct career that would watch well with the skills the developed while serving.  So we wanted to ease the path so veterans could find a job that correlates to them.”

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