Gun Advocate Says 'Degree' Only Difference Between Synagogue Shooter And City Council

Kim Stolfer says passing gun legislation in Pittsburgh would make mayor; city council criminals

Robert Mangino
December 18, 2018 - 4:57 pm

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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Stemming from the Tree of Life synagogue shooting that left 11 people dead and six injured ,city council introduced legislation Tuesday that would ban so-called assault weapons in the City of Pittsburgh. It would also restrict certain types of ammunition and modifications and in some circumstances give police or courts the authority to remove guns from people who might be considered dangerous to themselves or others.

Kim Stolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crimes, tells the KDKA Radio Afternoon News if Mayor Bill Peduto and Pittsburgh City Council pass those measures they will be committing a crime.

“Pennsylvania crimes code says what the city is doing is a crime, it’s illegal for them to do that and it’s been illegal for a long time, since 1974. In 1995 they lost a lawsuit over this and once against their attempting to force the state and local communities to abide by their unwarranted actions.”

Stolfer says they cannot take a legal action until the legislation is passed but if and when it is they have “hundreds of plaintiffs ready to go” to challenge it.

City council also wants to put the law on the books in case the state passes a law in the future that would allow municipalities to make gun laws.

Stolfer says that doesn’t matter because “You can’t break the law to try to force changes in the law. You have to be accountable and in America we do not allow a double standard of justice so right now city council and the mayor are criminals.”

Stolfer adds gun laws in other cities and states have done nothing to prevent crime and the bill would discriminate against responsible gun owners.

In a previous statement Stolfer said efforts of city council to pass gun legislation are similar to the acts of Robert Bowers, the man charged in the Tree of Life massacre.

He says he stands behind his statements.

 “If these city officials don’t understand constitution law, expo facto and due process previsions within the law then they’re not qualified to hold office, they have violated their oath of office,” said Stolfer. “I was a United States Marine, I took an oath and if they want to take and try to savage me for this, knock themselves out because I haven’t seen those statements yet but I can promise you that there is going to be a Roto-Rooter used of some of these people and their comments because America and Americans do not deserve this kind of double-standard of justice nor the vilification of individuals who lawfully pursue their rights.”

Stolfer says they are similar because it is “a matter of degree . . . a criminal act is the same no matter what you do and for them not to understand that demonstrates the depth of (city council’s) hypocrisy.”

If the gun legislation passes, Stolfer asks how many more lives will be lost because someone can’t defend themselves?

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“Legislation has consequences and everyplace it’s been applied, people have died and government is never holding itself accountable because they have no responsibility to protect citizens and people are sick and tired of being used as scapegoats for a city council that doesn’t want to accept the fact that synagogue was a gun-free zone . . . there was a total gun ban in that synagogue and that monster still came in there and did that.”

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