How Do We Stop These Horrific Teen Shootings?

“We have a problem and we need to find a solution”

The Mike Pintek Show
July 18, 2018 - 2:44 pm
Police and Protests


Yesterday state Senate and House Democratic Policy Committees held a joint hearing in Wilkinsburg in the hopes of improving community – police relations throughout the Pennsylvania area in response to the horrific police shooting of Antwon Rose.

Unfortunately the night before this hearing, 15-year-old Tyrelle Bowyer, who would have been a sophomore at Woodland Hills, was shot to death. 

In Woodland Hills alone there have been over a dozen students shot to death in the past four years.

Filling in for Mike Pintek, host Ellis Cannon asked, “What is the problem?”

“Is the problem between blacks and whites, is it between law and minority, is it between blacks and blacks, is it between whites and whites?”

One listener said, “The root of the problem is racism.”

Another listener said, “The real main issue is the family lives of these individuals and their upbringing.”

Another one of Ellis’ listeners said, “I believe there is a solution, I believe there are short term and a long term solutions, but I don’t believe we have any leadership in government or in law enforcement that have the spine to execute such a plan.”

Another caller said, “I think one of the big issues we are dealing with here is personal accountability.  We all want to blame the other guy when we need to be held accountable for our own situations and actions.”

He added, “We also need to respect the people who have different views than us.  We have to be able to agree to disagree and not go nuclear if someone doesn’t agree with us.  We are diverse and all share different opinions.”

How do we stop these shootings, what is your solution?

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