Wendy Bell Joins Marty Griffin On KDKA Radio

Bell sat in with Griffin Thursday and Friday

Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell
July 06, 2018 - 5:11 pm
Wendy Bell

Positively Wendy Bell


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Emmy Award winning journalist and blogger Wendy Bell joined KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin in studio Thursday and Friday.

Bell says she believes everyone should have an opinion and believes progress could be made if everyone’s opinion wasn’t immediately attacked.

“If we could only get into the business of perhaps allowing people to have opinions and not crucifying them if they don’t agree 100 percent with what our opinions are, I think we’d probably make some progress,” said Bell.

After Marty read an angry letter from a listener and he and Bell discussed how shameful the hate is online.

“We’ve got this anonymity behind the keyboard. On social media you can be as ugly and rude and vulgar to one another as you can possibly be with no accountability . . . I’ve really gotten back off of anything on social media because so much is so hateful.”

WTAE fired Bell in 2016 after she used a company Facebook page to comment on the mass killings of five people and an unborn child in Wilkinsburg.

Bell sued WTAE in June of 2016 claiming racial discrimination. A settlement was reached in February of this year.

Griffin asked Bell how she manages the hate comments she receives and Bell says she doesn’t get much and no one has ever said anything hateful to her in person.

Bell talked about an encounter she had with a man that ended up being an hour and a half conversation about black and white issues.

“There was no yelling. There was no name calling there was no nastiness. It was an actual conversation. It was awesome and I got home and I told my husband Joe if we have conversations like that, we might make some progress in this world but if we’re going to judge one another and think we know things about total strangers, we’re in trouble and folks, we’re in trouble.”

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