KDKAradio.com Extra: PA Attorney General Weight In On Preventing Gun Violence

Josh Shapiro Says A 'Serious Conversation' Needs To Take Place

Gun Protest

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PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - In Florida and across the country, high school students are protesting gun violence and many are calling for action from lawmakers.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shaprio tells the KDKA Radio Morning News many things can be done now to prevent the next deadly school shootings.

 “We need to have a serious, open, honest conversation about how to make our schools and communities safer in this country,” and that “everything needs to be on the table.”

Shapiro says gun violence is a public safety and health crisis and that changes can be made to gun laws without infringing on someone’s second amendment rights.

“I think law abiding gun owners understand that they don’t want these dangers in their community. They don’t want their kids to be at risk when they go to school. It is possible for us to make strides in this area without infringing on people’s rights,” said Shapiro.

When it comes to mental health issues, Shapiro believes public health and public safety need to work closer together.

“If we in law enforcement had greater access to some of that public health information, obviously while protecting people’s privacy, so that we can stop someone who is a danger from getting a gun in the first place, I think that would go a long way,” said Shapiro.

In addition, Shapiro says universal background checks, prohibiting teenagers from buying assault rifles and banning bump stocks are, “responsible, commons sense things we can do, that ultimately make us safer and protect the rights of law-abiding citizens in this commonwealth.

One thing that will not make children safer in schools, in Shapiro’s opinion, is arming teachers.

“You can’t ignoring the underlying issues and say we’re just going to arm more people at schools and sort of have an arms race, if you will, and that that’s going to make us safer. That will not make us safer. It can be part of the discussion but alone is not the answer.

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