Kennywood Has a New Ride Coming To Replace the Beloved Log Jammer

What Will the New Ride Be, Many Believe a New Coaster Is Coming

Robert Mangino
July 05, 2018 - 9:07 pm
Kennywood Park Entrance

Kennywood Park - Kurt Miller

PITTSBURGH (News Radio 1020 KDKA) – As the summer of 2017 came to an end, so did the running of the log jammer.  The log jammer was in the park for 42 years and on September 17th, 2017 visitors had the opportunity to ride one last time. 

If you have been to Kennywood lately, you would notice that there is a massive amount of construction happening on the property that once housed the log jammer. 

Kennywood is getting ready for its newest attraction and there is plenty of speculation about what is to come.     

Nick Paradise, Spokesman for Kennywood, told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News about the parks project 412. 

“Project 412 is our little code name for the work we are doing for what is going to be our next attraction for 2019 and it is going to be a big deal.”

“I can’t say a ton in specifics but we have started to parcel out some hints to people.  We started off with a card, kind of like a lottery ticket where we scratched off nine numbers that are all related to the next attraction in some way.”

“Then yesterday we launched a word search that contained a lot of words related to amusement park rides.  And now it is up to people to find the words in the word search and match them to that numbers we released before.  And the first 12 people to connect the dots will be among the first riders on this new ride whatever it may be.”

Paradise also added that this will be big news throughout the amusement park industry as well as the Pittsburgh area.  “We are talking about a huge addition coming to the park and that is partly why we have started the hype train so early.”

This new attraction that will be making its debut in 2019 and “Thomas Town” opening at the end of the month are going to hopefully draw a lot more people to the park.

Paradise said, “The future is bright.  And if Kennywood continues to grow and prosper, we want to get not just Pittsburghers, but more people from outside the region and introduce them to Kennywood.”

Paradise didn’t share much but added that he doesn’t think people will be disappointed once they find out what this new attraction is going to be.  

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