Kevin Battle: ‘Address The Unrest’ Follow Up Questions

Kevin Battle
July 08, 2020 - 9:58 am

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‘Address The Unrest’ Follow Up Questions. 

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Dr. James Huguley was an integral part of the ‘Address The Unrest’ summit which gathered 6 very influential leaders of our community in order to find answers to the tensions between citizens and the police. 

Dr. Huguley of ‘The University of Pittsburgh Center on Race & Social Problems’ explains why there were more black politicians in the South in 1870’s than the 1980’s!  He also explains how African-Americans have been in an abusive relationship for centuries.  And, How was institutional racism used by the Federal government?  Click here and learn.

What happened to the black middle class that was so strong in the 1930’s-50’s?  What role does the family or issues facing the family play in our current crisis? Find out answers by clicking on segment 2

A traditional black nuclear family unit was mostly forbidden during slavery.  After reconstruction there were systemic policies that made it hard for black families to get jobs or home loans.  Fast forward to the 1960’s - were the government sponsored welfare state and welfare incentives used as another form of oppression to keep the family unit separated?  Is it time to end ‘hyphenated’ identities in American society?

Find out by clicking on Segment 3

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