Local Startup First To Receive Autonomous Vehicle Testing Authorization

Aurora Innovation complied with PennDOT's voluntary guidelines

October 11, 2018 - 12:05 pm

(PITTSBURGH) Newsradio 1020 KDKA - Aurora Innovation, a local autonomous vehicle startup with an office in Pittsburgh, is the first company to receive official testing authorization from the state.

Earlier this year, PennDOT released voluntary testing guidelines for autonomous vehicle companies. Aurora Innovation followed these guidelines, submitting several documents detailing driver and vehicle information, testing routes and other information. 

PennDOT's Erin Waters-Trasatt says the guidelines ensure the companies are being thorough when testing.

"We're really trying to make this as safe as possible as these technologies develop, and this is that latest step."

Though Aurora Innovation is the first to receive official testing authorization from the state, Water-Trasatt expects all other companies in Pennsylvania are following the guidelines. She says it's a way for the companies to be transparent. 

"It indicates a partnership between the state and these companies. They're being good neighbors in these communities. It, again, is building on years of talking with these companies, as well."

Aurora Innovation was founded by Carnegie Mellon University graduates Chris Urmson and Drew Bagnell, along with former Tesla employee Sterling Anderson.