Longtime Colleagues Reflect On The Life Of Mike Pintek

KDKA Radio Political Analyst Bill Green, KDKA Radio Sports Director Jeff Hathhron share stories of their times with Pintek

Robert Mangino
September 12, 2018 - 6:56 pm
Mike Pintek and Jeff Hathhorn

KDKA Radio


PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Longtime KDKA Radio host Mike Pintek passed away early Wednesday Morning after a long battle with inoperable pancreatic cancer.  He was 65. 

After hearing about Pintek’s passing KDKA Radio’s Rob Pratte recaps his time in the studio with Mike. 

Pratte told The KDKA Radio Afternoon News, “It was kind of like Martin and Lewis, you know.  He was the articulate one, the handsome one and I was like the class clown.  But you know we just did it because he asked me to do it with him, and sometimes things just work out, the stars were aligned and it turned out to be some of the best radio I have ever done.”

Pratte adds, “I think Mike Pintek was the most believed voice in Pittsburgh because of his news background and who he was and that authoritative style that he had.”

KDKA Radio Political Analyst Bill Greens says it has been hard to get his arms around Pintek’s passing.

“He was such a vibrant personality both on and off the air that it’s hard to believe he is no longer with us.”

Green adds, “He was a great reporter and a very good news man.  He and I initially met in Harrisburg at Three Mile Island in 1979 and I met Fred Honsberger there too and who knew it would last almost 40 years later.”

Greg Brown, the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates shares with the KDKA Radio Afternoon News why he stood up for Mike during the Stand up to Cancer event at a Pirate game.

Brown says, “There were a bunch of people in my life who have battled and lost their lives, but it was just fresh on my mind.  I think I saw that a few days before, KDKA Radio program director Jim Graci had visited Mike and so it was just fresh on my mind.  I have always been a fan of KDKA growing up and I felt a kind of special kinship to Mike.”

Brown adds, “You cannot argue, he is one the greats in our business.”

KDKA Radio Sports Director Jeff Hathhorn shared memories from his trip to Israel with Pintek. 

Hathhorn says, “We went together and it was amazing.”

“You watch someone that loves to learn and put him into a place where there is so much history and so much diversity and so many issues that the world revolves around that little part of the planet and to watch Mike interview people and just watch is brain work, I mean he was just excited to get up.  I mean he was older but not old and I would get up early because I was excited and he was right there with me the whole time ready to go.  He had special shoes and a vest and was set to go.”

Hathhorn adds, “He was perfect for this business, God made him for this business and we were lucky enough to have him for as long as we did.”

He will surely be missed.

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