Woman Battling Cancer Ordered To Jail For Shoplifting

Lt. Gov. Fetterman wants the sentence delayed so she can see her oncologist

Marty Griffin
January 31, 2020 - 4:11 pm
John Fetterman

© Cameron Clark, York Daily Record


(Newsradio1020 KDKA) - Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is speaking out on behalf of a woman in jail in Lebanon County.

The PA Post reports 36-year-old Ashley Menser plead guilty for shoplifting around $110 worth of goods back in 2018.

At her sentencing last week, Menser was told she would serve up to 10 months a corrections facility.

Menser is diagnosed with cancer and also suffers from addiction and mental health issues.

 Her family claims the facility is ignoring her treatment. Fetterman told KDKA Radio's Marty Griffin that compassion should come first.

“I’m saying let her be evaluated by her doctors and all of the rest can be addressed later and it’s like, what is the harm?” asked Fetterman.

Judge Samuel Kline gave the sentence in Menser's case.

Mesner's family says doctors tell them their daughter has only a month to live and that she needs an operation or will die.

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