Mayor Bill Peduto Talks Social Media, Fatigue And Why He Is Pushing For Gun Reform

Whether its bike lanes, gun legislation and even his beard, Peduto deals with it in stride.

Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell
February 22, 2019 - 4:38 pm

Joe DeStio


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin says he has been around a long time and have has never seen a local politician get the hate mail that Mayor Bill Peduto gets online.

 Whether its bike lanes, gun legislation and even his beard, Peduto deals with it in stride.

How does he handle the daily heat he receives on social media?

"A little bit of bourbon," Peduto joked while speaking to Marty Grifin and Wendy Bell on KDKA Radio Friday.

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"Here's what I do. Number one, I've never blocked anyone accept one person who was using obcenities on my Facebook page. My neices and nephews read that stuff and I just asked them to stop and they wouldn't do it."

"The second thing is I read it," Peduto continued. "I may not respond to it, but people have a newfound ability to communicate directly with elected officials and there's a good thing to this. I try to find it for whatever it can be. For the ones that use obscene or abusive behavior, language, I mute it. The staff doesn't mute it. They monitor the page because there have been legitimate threats from some inviduals that are dealing with their own issues we've had to follow up on. So they watch and monitor and I mute the ones that are staying away from a good debate."

"Do you ever get a moment where, for you personally, you've had enough, you just want to get out and be Mr. Anonymous and not this guy who's the ligthening road?" Marty Griffin asked Peduto. "Do you ever get tired of it?"

"Those first four years, Kevin Acklin almost killed me. The schedule was absolutely insane," Peduto admitted. "I have no problem working long weeks, weekends, nights and everything else. But I've been getting, you know, I'm 54 now."

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