Medical Marijuana Available To Adults With Anxiety Starting Saturday

Medical Marijuana

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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Starting on Saturday, July 20th, adults with anxiety will qualify for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Patton Van Nickel with Allegheny Health Network​ thinks individuals who struggle with anxiety should not immediately resort to the plant. 

"People will think that this is a magic bullet and will try to go to it sooner than they should," Dr. Nickel said during an interview with KDKA Radio on Thursday. 

"This is suppose to be a last ditch effort when nothing else has worked. There's no good scientific data to say that it helps."

A person should receive help for anxiety when it interferes with the ability to perform everyday activities. 

That includes things like a panic attack or worrying all the time about stuff you don't need to worry about; to the point where it makes you sick to your stomach. 

"Anxiety is normal, as long as it doesn't get in a person's way," Dr. Nickel adds. ​

Medical marijuana will also be available for those with Tourette Syndrome.   

You can learn more about the decision and listen to the entire interview with Dr. Nickel below. 

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