Melinda Roeder

Millvale Residents Continue To Cleanup After Devastating Flood

The Salvation Army has handed out hundreds of clean up and hygiene kits

July 06, 2018 - 12:17 pm

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Clean up continues in Millvale where residents are still bailing out water and mud from their basement. 

Residents are coming to the Millvale Community Center picking up basic supplies and clean up could take weeks.  The Salvation Army has handed out hundreds of clean up and hygiene kits with basic supplies like bleach, buckets, rags and soap.

 They will also be in Millvale to provide meals and supplies as long as they can but they desperately need donations to keep going. Operations and Volunteer Coordinated Tom Perez says this effort will take weeks.

“Multiple people, they do have water and the electricity is on in the houses but their basements and first floors are still full of mud so some people don’t even have the capability to shower right now. Some of the drains are still clogged with dirt and mud.”

Perez adds most of the donations they have received so far have some from fellow Millvale residents.

“90 percent of the cases of water that are all here right now that have been distributed out to the people in the community were brought in by the people of the community people are emptying their pantries and brining in canned food items.”

 Volunteers are also providing snacks and water at the Millvale Community Center.  Perez also says that more help is needed and has said that most of the donations have come from the community. 

Melinda Roeder

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