Most Recent PWSA Lead Compliance Test Results Below Action Level

Good news for city residents and the troubled water service

Robert Mangino
July 25, 2018 - 7:11 pm

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority released the results of its July 2018 lead compliance tests Wednesday, announcing the best results in eight years.

106 samples were collected form homes believed to have lead plumbing and those results are calculated to determine whether ten percent exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's action level of 15 ppb. The results of this testing were ten ppb.

PWSA executive director Robert Weimar told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News the decrease comes after conscious efforts over the past few years.

“One was to try and determine which of the sample locations had lead service lines,” Weimar said. Changes in our own policies a couple of years ago have been developing a complete lead service line test.”

The PWSA is also on-track in their lead service line replacement plan. Anyone looking to replace their service line should contact the PWSA to coordinate work and funding.

The PWSA is required to perform testing every six months until two consecutive rounds produce results at or below action level.

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