New Features at Heinz Field

Franco's Pizzaria, Chickie and Pete's, Mobile Ticketing

Heinz Field


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - There are a some new features at Heinz Field for the 2018-2019 football season.

Nick Sero, Corporate Communications Manager at Heinz FIeld, joined KDKA Radio on Friday to tell fans about the new additions. 

Franco's Pizzaria

"It's pretty darn good. Its at the Bud Light Pub 33 section of the stadium. It's seasonal, and we're going to be open from 11am-8pm," said Sero.

Franco incorporated a Steelers theme within the menu. Some of the options include "PeppeRooney Pizza, The Gina Margarita (Mrs. Rooney was named Gina), and the Endzone Calzone, they are all really good," Sero tell KDKA.

Chickie and Pete's

"Everybody else is really excited about Chickie and Pete's for good reason. Originally based out of southeast Pennsylvania, they make really good cheese steaks, chicken tenders and buffalo chicken tenders," Sero said. 

"Most known for there crab fries, which is just delicious french fries covered in old bay, comes with a side of melted cheese sauce. They are up in section 136."

New Ribbon Boards 

They will be 40% Larger with High Definition Quality.

"We re-did the south end zone scoreboard and northwest scoreboard." Sero added. 

"We have Daktronics new LED technology. It's going to take the in-game experience to another level, more than just time remaining on the clock and the scores. We can do all kinds of new fancy animation and graphics."

Mobile Ticketing

"Your still going to get your hard stock ticket in the mail. You still use that every single game. It's going to change for those fans who bought one off tickets. Usually, your used to getting that PDF that's emailed to you that you print on your home computer and you take it down to the stadium and that's what gets scanned - That portion is going away," Sero tells Larry and John.

"We found that printable PDF's are being used by scammers. It is really easy to fraud people in the parking lot with fake pieces of paper that look like tickets but turn out not to be." 

According to Sero, "if you are buying a ticket to a game and it does not get transferred to your cell phone, it's not real." 

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