New Lanes From Routes 51/19 To Outbound Parkway West Causing Confusion

A ramp improvement project is causing confusion for motorists used to driving in that area.

Scott Stiller
April 24, 2019 - 2:10 pm
Route 51/19 Ramp To Outbound Parkway West


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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - A ramp improvement project is causing confusion for motorists used to driving in that area.

PennDOT restricted the shoulder of the ramp from Route 51/19 to the outbound Parkway West and Banksville Road on Monday, April 8 so crews could widen the ramp, pave the roadway, make inlet adjustments and guide rail improvements.

The ramp re-opened yesterday afternoon and is now 2-lanes from Wabash Street (pictured above) to the Parkway West/Banksville Road split.

Traffic coming from Route 51 Northbound no longer has to yield at the merge point just past Wabash Street.  Traffic can continuously free-flow onto the new right lane all the way to the Parkway West.  Traffic heading for Banksville Road can use both lanes but several motorists are immediately crossing into that left lane as they come down off the ramp (pictured below), others are just stopping which is causing a dangerous situation for motorists following who are expecting traffic to continue onto the new lane.

Routes 51/19 Ramp To Outbound Parkway West

Photo: PennDOT

Southbound Routes 51/19 traffic is not affected at Wabash Street but motorists who haven't used the newly configured ramp are surprised by having traffic beside them and some do not realize they need to get in the right lane to continue towards the Parkway West so their confusion takes place at the exit to Banksville Road.

Motorists who regularly travel in that area are encouraged to exercise caution and watch their speed as everyone gets used to the new traffic patterns.

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