New Website Helps With Recycling Questions

Where you can drop off E-Waste and more

Joe DeStio
November 08, 2019 - 2:35 pm

PITTSBURGH (KDKA Radio) - As more and more municipalities are changing their rules for recycling, more and more residents have become confused. Many areas no longer pick up glass and fewer plastics are recycled.

Looking to streamline the learning curve, Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner's office has created a web site, Recycling Resources Map, that breaks down recycling by item and municipality.

"Many types of items are no longer recyclable at curbside," according to Wagner. "And so by checking the box for the type of item you want to recycle, we can see facilities throughout the county that accept those materials."

Several environmental groups showed their support at a news conference to unveil the site. Penn Environment's Ashleigh Deemer calls the site, "an incredibly valuable tool." She says it's especially useful when it comes to e-waste.

Allegheny County

"We all have those drawers at home where we have 15 year old cell phone technology, right? Because Google actually doesn't solve the problem most of the time," according to Deemer.

She says while e-waste makes of just two percent of landfill waste, it represents 70 percent of of landfill toxicity because most of the devices carry lead and mercury.

Wagner says Allegheny County can do a better job recycling. She cited statistics showing the county ranks 20th among 68 Pennsylvania counties in recycling per person.

You can access the web site here

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