District 8 Residents Elect First City Councilwoman

Erika Strassburger Succeeds Dan Gilman In East End District

Jennifer Bloodworth
March 07, 2018 - 6:24 pm
Erika Strassburger Casts Vote

Abigail Gardner

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Erika Strassburger became the first woman elected to Pittsburgh's District 8 City Council seat Tuesday night.

She won 64 percent of the votes in the special election to replace Dan Gilman, who Strassburger served as chief of staff. Gilman left the seat he held since 2014 to serve as chief of staff to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto earlier this year after.

Strassburger told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News she wants to focus on constituent services and infrastructure.

“We have to get creative,” she said about funding repairs to the crumbling PWSA system. “It can’t come just from the rate payers or increased taxes.”

She described other options for revenue such as grants and storm water utility fees.

Strassburger is also very aware of what she calls the 4 ‘P’s:  paying, plowing, potholes and parking.

“We are now out from state oversight. We’re out from act 47. We have the ability to perhaps spend more on paving every year.”

But Strassbuger believes paving isn’t the only solution for the roads in a growing city such as Pittsburgh and says expanding options for cyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation is necessary.

District 8 covers Shadyside and parts of Oakland, Point Breeze and Squirrel Hill.

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