Erie Billboard Confronts Deceit in Politics

Duquesne Law School Professor Seeks the Truth from Politicians

Robert Mangino
August 20, 2018 - 6:05 pm
A red and white billboard reading "tax cuts threaten social security"

Bruce Ledewitz

Duquesne Law School Professor Bruce Ledewitz has taken it upon himself to plan and display a billboard with a political message along I-86 in Erie County.

The billboard reads "Tax Cuts Threaten Social Security," in bold red letters. 

The location of the billboard, along I-86 in Erie County, was specifically chosen due to the county's vote for Donald Trump in 2016 whereas it had previously voted twice for Barack Obama. Ledewitz hopes to draw attention to the rhetoric of politicians in both parties, and in particular, the lies that conceal their true agendas in proposed legislation. 

The billboard runs in collaboration with Duquesne University's Truth-Justice-Democracy Initiative to heal American public life with a campaign hashtag of #giveusthetruth.

Ledewitz held a press conference underneath his billboard Monday morning and talked with Joe Destio in for Robert Mangino on the KDKA Radio Afternoon News.

"The billboard is not a criticism of tax cuts, the Republicans, or even social security," Ledewitz stated, "it's a protest about lying in American politics."

"We live today in the era they call 'post-truth,' the era in which politicians can tell clearly obvious lies about policies and we just accept it. We don't have to accept it," Ledewitz continued. "This is my small protest, and I hope that Americans all over the country will do similar things when politicans at the local, state, or federal level tell particular lies. I'm not talking about exaggerations or differences of opinion, but clear lies about policies. I hope other people will take up billboards or confront people at press confrences. We don't have to accept this. Politicians used to be more careful about the truth and the people have grown too accepting of the lies we are told." 

Hear the complete interview with Bruce Ledewitz and Joe Destio on the KDKA Radio Afternoon News Podcast