Lt. Governor Speaks Out Over Potential Rearrest Of Commuted Man

David Sheppard was granted clemency by Governor Tom Wolf on Thursday

Ashley Funyak
December 06, 2019 - 2:17 pm
Lieutenant Governor-Elect John Fetterman

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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - A Philadelphia man whose life sentence was commuted on Thursday by Governor Tom Wolf could be arrested as soon as he is released from prison on Friday.

David Sheppard was granted clemency for his role in a fatal robbery in 1992. 

However, the outgoing Delaware County District Attorney, Katayoun Copeland, said that he is still a fugitive of a shoplifting charge also from 1992. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Sheppard is accused of stealing five pairs of jeans, worth collectively around $325 dollars, from a store called Jeans West in Springfield. The store has since closed. 

According to the Inquirer, Sheppard posted bail on the shoplifting charge but failed to appear for his date in court.

In a release, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman said that he was informed by the Department of Corrections on Thursday night that a detainer was filed to rearrest David Sheppard when he is released. 

After receiving commutation from Governor Tom Wolf , David Sheppard is set to be arrested leaving prison this morning after 28 years- for a shoplifting charge from 1992. Delco voters have assured this will be a fitting end to @DaKATCopeland career as DA.

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“What makes it even more petty is that Copeland’s not even going to be around in three weeks,” Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman told KDKA Radio on Friday. “This is strictly, ‘let’s just be as vindictive as we can on the way out.’”

The shoplifting charge was not pursued while Sheppard was incarcerated.

“Any normal case, that would have been dismissed, thrown out,” Fetterman said, “but in this particular case they are invoking it as a method to keep him imprisoned, which is astonishing.”

At 10 a.m. on Friday morning, Fetterman shared on Twitter that Sheppard was being held on the Delaware County retainer. 

Sheppard’s attorney told Fetterman that he filed an emergency habeas corpus with the president judge to have Sheppard released.

Jennifer Bloodworth contributed to this article.

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