Pathways To Pardons Celebrates Milestone In Helping Pennsylvanians Remove Barriers To Success

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack’s Initiative Teaches Convicted Individuals Pardon Process

Jennifer Bloodworth
March 23, 2018 - 7:01 pm
Pathways To Pardons

Lt. Governor Mike Stack Facebook

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020) — The 50th Pathways to Pardons event took place in Harrisburg Thursday night.

The program created by Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack in 2016 holds community events to explain the process of obtaining a pardon and expungement.

“We have thousands of people who are good Pennsylvanians who have made a mistake,” Lieutenant Governor Stack told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News Friday. “They’ve spent years of their lives showing that they’ve changed and yet they still have a criminal record.”

The program aims to remove barriers for convicted individuals to succeed after conviction or incarceration.

“You can’t get a good job, you can’t get a volunteer, you can’t work in healthcare, you can’t get housing,” Lieutenant Governor Stack said of the struggles of having a criminal record.

“What we do at Pathways to Pardons is show people how the pardon system works in Pennsylvania so that if they follow the steps and they’ve really changed, they can have their criminal record completely cleared up so that we’re not punishing them over and over again.”

The Pathways to Pardons program is now being used as a national model in dealing with the opioid crisis.