Roberto Clemente’s 1971 MVP Charger Coming To PA

The classic car has been restored and is ready to fundraise

Robert Mangino
May 22, 2018 - 6:50 pm
Clemente Charger

Jeff and Randy Dye


FRANKLIN (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Ever wonder what happened to the 1972 Charger Roberto Clemente won for being the 1971 World Series MVP? You can find out next month.

Turns out the Special Edition 440 Magnum Charger has been spending time in Florida after 58-year-old Pennsylvania native Randy Dye bought it for $105,570 at last year’s memorabilia auction before the All-Star game in Miami.

Dye went on to restore the vehicle for almost a year, adding small details that recall Clemente’s career throughout the Charger.

“I’ve done a lot of cars. It’s my passion, my hobby, probably my vice if you will,” Dye told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News Tuesday. “But this is so different than anything like the other cars I’ve restored and collected.”

The 1972 Puerto Rico inspection sticker number includes Clemente’s batting average for the series, and the license plate reads “71MVP21.”

“I didn’t believe that we could just keep it in the showroom and let people come see it,” Dye said. “I thought we really had to do something special.”

Dye decided to use the classic car for fundraising.  

“As a kid obviously I admired his baseball skill. But as an adult I appreciate so much his life and the way he lived his life and how he treated other people,” Dye said. “So this car is to continue that conversation.”

The first fundraiser will take place at Franklin Junior Senior High School on June 23 from 6 to 9 p.m. The proceeds will benefit the Franklin Littler League Project to help build a new fence on the field where Dye and his brother played baseball growing up.

Dye will speak at the event along with Duane Reider of the Clemente Museum and Roberto Clemente, Jr. Tickets are $21 and include food and beverage. Call 814-673-1044 for more information.

“In a small way we want to try to help [the Clemente family] continue to do what Roberto Clemente did his whole life, and that was to put others ahead of himself.”

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