Thousands Of Properties Affected By Lead Service Lines

Robert Mangino
May 03, 2018 - 6:22 pm
PWSA Worker

Shelby Cassesse

PITTSBURGH (News Radio 1020 KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has released an online map, attempting to find lead service water lines that are affecting mostly residential properties throughout the area. 

Some of the records on the map do not reflect current conditions of the lead lines.  PWSA Executive Director, Robert Weimar told the KDKA Radio Afternoon News, “If it is lead based upon both the records and our field testing, then they will know it is lead.  If it does not show to be lead from the original records then it is probably not lead.” 

“The issue is we have seen quite a few of the records from the early 1900s not reflect what has gone on since that time.  So you might have a lead line in the early period when it was first installed and then have had it changed to copper sometime in the subsequent years.”

Weimar also said, “What we have done is decided from the records that we needed actual physical assessment of the properties.  So we have been doing what we call curb box inspection program for about the last 18 months and that will continue for another probably two years.”

Weimer says that purpose is to capture information for every single residence property during that period.  All 71 thousand properties will be investigated to determine what the line manufactured material is. 

Weimar also said, “We are under order from the state to have residential properties completed by 2020 and all other properties completed by 2022.”

They will continue to update the map based on the field surveys that are being done daily. 

The PWSA is also encouraging folks to contact the lead line, 412-255-8984 to get a test kit that can be used to determine if there is lead in your tap water at home.