Sen. Toomey to Wendy Bell: 'It's A Real Danger That The House Has Established A New Low Bar For Impeachment'

Wendy Bell
February 20, 2020 - 8:48 pm
Senator Pat Toomey and Wendy Bell in KDKA Radio studio

Wendy Bell

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) –  Senator Pat Toomey joined Wendy Bell in the studio on Thursday to discuss everything from the impact natural gas has had in Pennsylvania, impeachment, sanctuary cities, the economy and more.

Senator Toomey discussed the “tremendous blessing” natural gas production in Pennsylvania has had on the state, and the country:

      “Pennsylvania is now the number two producer of natural gas among all 50 states. We went from zero not long ago; we’re number two. Only Texas produces more natural gas than us, and between the two states, it’s almost 50% of all natural gas…and we haven’t even begun to tap the real quantities we have.

       This is a tremendous natural resource. It means consumers have lower cost in heating their homes. It means electricity costs less than it would because when you generate electricity with natural gas it’s so much more affordable…”

 Senator Toomey and Wendy discussed his “front row seat” for the impeachment, and his belief of the potential dangers this impeachment will do in the future:  

      “It’s a real danger that the house has established a new low bar for impeachment, a normalization of impeachment, that is very unhealthy for our system. We don’t want there to be a routine when a president is elected, and the house is controlled by the other party, that the house automatically says, “Okay, let’s dig up  something for our impeachment.” No, that’s not what it’s there for. “

Listen to the full interview below, including Senator Toomey’s thoughts on Wednesday’s Democratic Presidential debate, sanctuary cities, and his closing thoughts on what he is optimistic about going on in the country right now:

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