With The Nicer Weather Comes Nastier Bugs

Bees, wasps, ticks and stinkbugs are going to start coming out and making our lives more difficult.

Larry Richert and John Shumway
May 10, 2018 - 2:18 pm
Pest Control

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Summer is only a calendar page away, which means bees, wasps and stinkbugs are going to start coming out and making our lives more difficult.

Dr. Chad Gore, entomologist for Ehrlich Pest Control tells the KDKA Radio Morning News “This time of the year we start to see people calling about stinging insects. Not so much because nests have formed yet, but mostly because they are starting to see the queens that have overwintered start to wake up and fly about,” said Dr. Gore.

 This does not mean people should panic.

“With most stinging insects, only the queen survives at the end of the year going into the winter. All the rest of the nest mates die off and the queen goes off and finds a place to overwinter and get away from the cold.”

Therefore, at the beginning of the season there are not a lot of insects around. It takes time for queen bees to reproduce and create a new colony.

Dr. Gore believes there is worse out there than bees and stinging pests. Dr. Gore said, “The things are most dangerous are found primarily outdoors, and those are things that carry diseases like ticks and mosquitos.”

Lyme disease and malaria are examples of diseases that these outdoor bugs can carry. It is very important for anyone that is bit by a small insect like a tick or mosquito, to see doctor and make sure it is nothing serious.

Mice should also be taken seriously as well.

” Mice are certainly problematic from a health perspective at least. You want to control mice because of the damage they can do to a home. They can also contaminate food with their droppings and urine,” said Dr. Gore.

Wiring and insulation are parts of a house that a mouse might chew up. If mice get into wiring, your house could possibly catch on fire.

Snap traps and glue trips are great for controlling mice.

“You want to put them up against the wall perpendicular,” Dr. Gore stated, “The best place to put a trap is in protective places. Mice will go out and about in unprotected places to search for food, but only when they feel like it is safe.”

Although mice are nocturnal, they will come out during the day if they feel it is safe.

Bugs are gross and you do not want to start summer off the wrong way.

Stay protected and avoid pests this summer by staying ahead of the game. Have your house sprayed by a professional and keep those nasty bugs away. Not only will it make your life less miserable, but it might prevent you from a contracting a disease.

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