Odd Pittsburgh: Famous Pittsburgher's Who Went 'Back To School' Around Here

Also: learn about the longest game in Pirates history and how we almost lived in Westylvania?




Take another trip into Pittsburgh’s past with The Odd Mysterious and Fascinating History of Pittsburgh!

The Longest Game in Pirates History

Schalcosky says the longest game in Pirates history happened August 22, 1917. The game went 22 innings against the Brooklyn Robins at Ebbets field!

That same game holds the National League Record for the most innings pitched by a reliever, which was 16.2 innings.

Brooklyn won the game 6-5, walking it off in the bottom of the 22nd inning!

We almost lived in the Commonwealth of Westylvania?

Back on August 24, 1774 right before the Revolutionary War, Pittsburgh was a disputed territory between not only England and France but between Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Militiaman John Connelly was hired by the government of Virginia to take over Pittsburgh in the name of Virginia and he succeeded!

Schalcosky says that Connelly took control of Ft. Pitt and imprisoned the group known as the “Pennsylvania Patriots.”

After that Schalcosky says that with about 25,000 people living in the area, some thought we had a big enough population to become the 14th colony, Westylvania.

“They went all the way through Congress in 1775. They ended up not passing it of course and most of it ended up becoming what is now West Virginia.

Pittsburgh’s First High School

In the past, kids would only go up to school until 5th or 8th grade because people had to work, but Schalcosky says if you did get the chance to go to high school in 1872 you went to Pittsburgh’s first high school, Pittsburgh Central.

“Today it’s on Bedford Avenue and it’s where Connelly Technical School is today. It was there from 1872 and it remained a high school up until 1916.”

Famous people who went "Back-to-School" here in the Burgh at one time or another.

Schalcosky says it’s amazing how many people walked the halls of our local high schools that would later become known the world over.

Here is just a short list of a few of the people that may have walked the same halls you did.


Joe Namath – Beaver Fall High School Class on 1961
Johnny Unitas – St. Justin’s High School Class of 1951
Dan Marino Central Catholic Class of 1979
Joe Montana Ringgold High School Class of 1974
Mike Ditka – Aliquippa High School Class of 1957
Kurt Angle - Mt. Lebanon Class of  1987


Gene Kelly – Peabody High School Class of 1930
Frank Gorshin – Peabody High School Class of 1949
Michael (Douglas) Keaton – Montour High School Class of 1969
Jeff Goldblum – West Mifflin Class of 1970
Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice Class of 2006
Joe Manginello Mt. Lebanon Class of 1995
Mark Cuban – Mt. Lebanon Class of 1974
Shirley Jones – South Huntington High School Class of 1951
Tom Savini – Central Catholic High School Class of 1964
Henry Hancini – Aliquippa High School Class of 1941
Dennis Miller – Keystone Oaks High School Class of 1971
Zachary Quinto – Central Catholic High School Class of 1995
Andrew Warhola - (Andy Warhol) Schenley High School Class of 1945
Dominic Ierace (Donnie Iris) - Ellwood City's Lincoln High School Class of 1961
Lugee Alfredo Sacco (Lou Christie) - Moon High School Class of 1961

In a category of his own

Fred Rogers – Greater Latrobe High School Class of 1946

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