PA Attorney General Defends Two Year Window for Sex Abuse Victims to Sue.

Blames Catholic Church and Insurance Industry for Opposition

Joe DeStio
September 28, 2018 - 1:06 pm

Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania


NEW KENSINGTON (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement officer is defending a proposed two year window to allow victims of sex assault that occurred long ago to sue for civil damages. State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said, “Having a civil window enacted in Pennsylvania is Constitutional, period.”

Shapiro spoke after unveiling the results of a seven month illegal drug investigation in Westmoreland County in which 89 people were arrested.

“Eleven states with Constitutional provisions either identical to Pennsylvania’s or similar to Pennsylvania’s have passed civil windows like the one proposed by the Grand Jury here in Pennsylvania,” Shapiro said.

As for the argument by opponents that a window violates the state Constitution Shapiro said, “This is just a red herring distraction thrown up by the Catholic church and the insurance company lobbyists who oppose this.”

This week state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman said there were “glaring problems” with a bill that passed the state House. However, Shapiro says he is confident House and Senate leaders will pass the the window and three other recommendations made in the Grand Jury report into sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.