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Gov. Wolf And Scott Wagner Debate; Jeopardy Host Trebek Booed At Times

One newspaper called the debate 'a dumpster fire'

October 02, 2018 - 2:46 pm

HERSHEY, Pa (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Pennsylvania's Governor Democrat Tom Wolf and his Republican challenger Scott Wagner met in their only debate Monday night in Hershey.

For the incumbent the main message was if you like the way things are going, vote for me. “I have put a billion dollars into our schools. 720,000 Pennsylvanians have health care who didn’t have health insurance just 3 and a half years ago.”

Republican Scott Wagner’s theme was a change is needed and he is the agent.

“If I don’t do anything in four years, I pledge to you that I will change my name to Tom Wolf!”

But the event sometimes went off the rails courtesy of moderator Alex Trebek, who at one point spent more than a minute riffing on the Catholic clergy sex scandal.=

“I was born and raised Catholic, and I’m just as ticked off as everybody else is over what has happened.”

The candidates, meanwhile, never discussed the clergy scandal.

Much of the time was taken up by Trebek, who, at times, lectured the candidates and the audience. He jousted with Wagner on gas drilling taxes…

“Do people believe we should tax, yes. We already are,” said Wagner.

“You’re not taxing them that much because most of them are based in Texas and Oklahoma. We’re out of time. we’re out of time,” Trekbek said to boos in the audience.

Trebek’s comments didn’t play well with many in the audience of the Chamber of Business and Industry.

Many were critical of Trebek’s overall performance moderating the 45 minute debate.

The York Daily Record said the debate was a “dumpster fire”.  

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