PA Governor Tom Wolf Wants The Pitt/Penn State Rivalry To Continue

"I don’t know what the state can do, but stepping in sounds like a good idea"

Larry Richert and John Shumway
September 04, 2018 - 10:45 am
PA Governor Tom Wolf


PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, joined KDKA Radio on Tuesday to discuss a number of topics.

He was asked, among other things, why Pitt and Penn State do not play each other every year, why he only wants to take place in one debate against Scott Wagner, and if the statute of limitations should be lifted, following the priest abuse.

Is it time for the state to step in and make sure the Pitt/Penn State rivalry continues?

“I think it’s a great rivalry. I grew up with this in Pennsylvania and I think Penn State/Pitt really ought to be playing together,” Governor Wolf said.

“I would love to see it continue. I don’t know what the state can do, but stepping in sounds like a good idea.”

You made some headlines by saying that you only want to have one debate with Scott Wagner. Why only one debate?

“The campaign actually started back in May. So we’re five and a half months in of continuous conversation and debate about our contrasting ideas and values, and I think that’s what the campaign is for,” Wolf added.

“I’ve been running for a long time and I will continue to run on my record - education, health care, seniors and financial confidence and all of those things that I’ve actually done, and in a democracy, that’s what you do. The campaign is one, five and a half long debate.”

The other side will say that you’re looking at pools saying you’re doing okay and you want to minimize the exposure for your competition by not allowing them on that stage with you to take shots. Is that a fair assessment?

“No. The campaign is an opportunity for both sides to question each other in one continuous conversation and argument about whose values are better for Pennsylvania, and I’ll keep arguing that mine are better,”  Wolf tells KDKA.

“We need more education funding and health care. We need to focus on seniors and choices, and balancing the budget making sure Pennsylvania is in a good fiscal situation.”

How aggressively does the state need to go after and will you push the legislature to lift the statute of limitations on these types of abuse cases?

“I put out a statement that said I agree with the Grand Juries recommendations, I think there were four of them,” said Wolf.

“I urged the state legislature to get a bill that puts those recommendations into legislature and I’ll sign it.”

When do the senate and house come back into session?

“The Senate is not coming back until after the 20th, and I think the house will be back before that, but they won’t be in voting session,” according to Wolf.

“So it really won’t be until the end of the month.”

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