Pat Bostick Prepares KDKA Radio For Pitt/Penn State

'It’s absolutely what college football and college sports are about'

Larry Richert and John Shumway
September 07, 2018 - 11:57 am
Pat Narduzzi

Matthew O'Haren

PITSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Pitt and Penn State football will battle each other on Saturday night at Heinz Field.

Former Pitt quarterback and current broadcaster for the University of Pittsburgh football, Pat Bostick, joined KDKA Radio to tell us about the game and what is going through players heads.

How important is that game?

“It means a lot. It’s one of those games where you either walk the alleys after the game or you walk the street. Its pride, the state title. They are the only power five schools in that state of Pennsylvania,” Bostick said.

“One of them is going to come out on top.”

How do you explain the excitement when the players run out of the tunnel?

“It’s absolutely what college football and college sports are about. We get a chance to be a part of it,” Bostick added.

“What I have a hard time grasping is when people leave that stadium, how can you not say this isn’t good for college football?”

Is it hard to wait all day until a night game?

“It’s tough. You can watch games all day and kind of distract yourself a little bit. That’s really what Saturday is for. They’ll have meetings in the morning, eat, then you have to go watch football or watch game day and keep yourself in a relaxed state,” Bostick tells KDKA Radio.

“There’s nerves, there’s anticipation, there’s adrenaline and at least for me, you can get tired.”

Can you read into what Appalachian State did to Penn State last weekend?

“No. They found a way to win. App State gave it to them, App State gives it to everybody. You watch there tape, they got some players,” Bostick tells listeners.

“I think Penn State will feel good they got the win and will learn a lot from that game. They’ll be anxious to try to prove they are better than that.”

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