People's Natural Gas And PWSA Partnership

Gas And Water Line


People’s Natural Gas wants to partner with the PWSA to supply water in Allegheny County and surrounding areas.  

President and CEO of People’s Natural Gas, Morgan O’Brien, joined KDKA Radio on Thursday to talk about the hopeful partnership. He said,

 “We’ve engaged hatch engineers to help us come up with a proposal that we can partner with PWSA, and rather than fixing those old plants that they have, build something that’s only in five other cities.”

The proposal includes a 350 million dollar treatment facility. O’Brien continued,

“At the end of the day it would be the cleanest, greenest water technology and people from all over the world would want to come and see it”

This allows for water and gas pipes to be replaced at the same time. Therefore, more cost-effective than replacing them separately.

 “The gas line replacement costs about half as much as if I do it myself, and the same with the water, because we’re sharing in the cost of tearing up the street; most importantly, the restoration of that street,” O’Brien told KDKA.

The collaboration could also benefit some of the community.

“We have programs that help people who can’t afford to pay their gas bill. We could put the water folks in that same program,” said O’Brien.

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