Pittsburgh Inspired Aims To Highlight The Positive Work Being Done Locally

Want to hear some good news for a change?

Andrew Limberg
May 22, 2018 - 3:48 pm
Pittsburgh Inspired

Brendan Gallagher

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Back in November Brendan Gallagher helped organize a fundraiser for his father, who is battling an aggressive form of cancer. He and his brothers wanted to give his mother and father a little financial relief, over 800 people showed up at the Grand Priory on the North Side.

 The success of the event motivated him to create Pittsburgh Inspired.

“While I was there I was looking around and I was very overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support and I was thinking there has to be more stuff like this more immensely positive news that’s going on in the city that you just don’t hear about,” said Gallagher.  “So I started looking around and you can find it, but you have to look pretty hard.”

Enter Pittsburgh Inspired, a media company that aims to highlight people making a difference locally and around the world.

“It could be somebody that had an idea and started a non-profit and it might be a very niche idea or it can be an individual that is going above and beyond in their neighborhood to bring great things to that community.”

Gallagher adds the news these days is dominated by so much sadness and negativity he wanted to highlight the work that isn’t always given the spotlight.

 One of the other reasons Gallagher said he started Pittsburgh Inspired is to show his children the positives in life.

“I have five kids and I want to show my kids that there are positive things and highlight the positive news so they can see that see that but also show them that they can do and accomplish anything that they want to.”

Pittsburgh Inspired’s first feature focused on 412 Food Rescue. The non-profit relies on volunteers who can pick up food from grocery stores and restaurants with excess food and deliver them to shelters or food banks.

Gallagher says 412 Food Rescue’s appearance on Inspired Pittsburgh has gotten them national attention to hopefully open branches in other cities.

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