Plum School Board Member Accused Of Being Islamophobic Speaks Out

'This one post is not a reflection of who I am, what I represent or what I stand for personally'

Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell
February 06, 2019 - 3:50 pm



PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - The Plum Borough school district has issued a statement condemning the Facebook post of one of its board members.

Brian Wisniewski shared a post February 1 that was originally posted by another person several days earlier.

It has a picture of a man holding a gun with an American Flag in the background and the words, Does it worry anybody that we have three devout Muslims in Congress who have unlimited access to our top secret government documents?

Wisniewski tells KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell the share was an accident.

“I sometimes get out of control and just share posts of other people that are on my timeline and I guess in my haste on Friday I was sharing posts . .. and the post that caused all this trouble is one of the ones that I not intentionally, or did not have any malice and it got shared in with . . . the 15 or 20 others I shared right away,” said Wisniewski.

Wisniewski, a 31-year veteran says he never could of imagined the blowback he has received.

“The last 24 hours has just been . . . my world is upside down, I’m being labeled and my belief system, my values, my attitude . . . because of this one post all of that is being called into question,” said Wisniewski. “This one post is not a reflection of who I am, what I represent or what I stand for personally.”

Wisniewski says a friend called him Monday to ask about the post and he deleted it after realizing it was on his timeline.

Wisniewski adds he doesn’t know what is next but he believes it could ruin his life.

“Once you get a label like that, how do you come back from that? That’s not who I am.”

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